Thai Life Insurance

2017 marks the 75th Anniversary of Thailand’s first insurance company. Thai Life Insurance Company Limited was founded in 1942 during World War II to assure a steadfast pledge for the Thai people.

In 1970, Thai Life Insurance was led by Mr. Vanich Chaiyawan, a pioneer who dramatically adjusted organisational and managerial structures by setting sophisticated, potential operations and strategic planning to settle managerial operations in every aspect. This resulted in Thai Life Insurance becoming Thailand’s leading life insurance company. It was made a public company in 2012.

Thai Life Insurance settles the authorised capital of 10, 6000,000,000 Thai Baht, the largest amount in the Thai life insurance industry, while holding assets of 346,525 million Thai Baht, total claim reserves of 258,574 million Baht, and funds of 329,273 million Baht. We are the first life insurance company in Thailand to be certified with Universal Standard ISO 22301:2012. As such, it is recognised with the certification of Universal Standard in continuing business operations management from the ISO Institute.

Thai Life Insurance is the pioneer of life insurance in all dimensions, through leading innovative standards involved in business operations, products and services. We are the leader of life inspiration in Thai society.

Thai Life Insurance designed the first Retirement Plan, the first Disabled Plan, and the first Refund Plan in the market, with plans to cover Thais from birth with ‘First Step’, the first and only life insurance company in Thailand to cover all medical expenses for stem cell treatment.

In addition, Thai Life Insurance is the first and only life insurance company in the world to provide coverage for military officers, and have been doing so since 1987.

We drive our business based on the ‘Customer Centric Service’ system to satisfy every customer’s needs by enabling convenient and efficient service. According to the slogan ‘Thai Life Insurance, life beside you’ we have expanded our service channels to reach customers in every area of Thailand by growing our branch network and customer service centres. Thai Life Insurance has the most branches in the Thai insurance industry, with over 322 branches nationwide, covering Greater Bangkok and all regions in Thailand.

Thai Life Insurance has created a great experience and impression to customers, and have the trust and commitment of the public by continuously developing the quality of our after-sales services, and establishing a department with the task of providing information and looking after the benefits of policyholders, the first of its kind in the Thai life insurance industry.

Over the past 15 years, Thai Life Insurance has also performed as a brand that inspires by becoming a leader in branding through television commercials. The company created an advertising campaign under the concept of “Value of Life & Value of Love” as the core of the life insurance business. Emotional Marketing is about offering love and concern to consumers while accessing the consumers’ emotions and minds, to create sadness, happiness and sentimentality. The concept is to differentiate from other commercials, and to make Thai Life Insurance the outstanding player in the industry.

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