TrueOnline has always brought and developed the latest technology in broadband internet in Thailand. We have always been the leader in Thailand with our highspeed internet service, connecting individuals, families, organisations and Thai society together. TrueOnline’s quality products and services have been recognised globally with awards, including the Frost & Sullivan Award for broadband service, the COPC Customer Operation Performance Award for call centres, and the Marketeer Magazine Award for the most subscribed home internet brand.

TrueOnline’s latest product, True Super Speed Fiber, is changing Thailand’s telecommunications industry by offering complete digitalisation, accessible to all Thai people. Offering up to 10 Gbps on the largest bandwidth for the biggest transmission channel with the Core Intelligence Network (ASON) system that provides an intelligent smart backbone system, True Super Speed Fiber answers all applications requiring hi-speed connectivity, such as large data transmission, VDO streaming, VDO Conference, UHD (4K) TV, and other various applications and content.

True Super Speed Fiber by TrueOnline is now bringing hi-speed internet nationwide, leading Thailand into the real highspeed technology era of the future.

TrueOnline’s hi-speed home Internet via FTTx offers the fastest and most reliable Internet connection to our customers. Our hi-speed home Internet FTTH service supports Quad Play services that include broadband up to 10 Gbps, clear voice, Ultra-High Definition (UHD) TV and the ability to connect to a super hi-speed mobile hot-spot device (equivalent to 4G), meeting the requirements of both residential and small business subscribers.

The broadband service via FTTx helps to drive the growth of Thailand’s hi-speed Internet market, significantly increasing TrueOnline’s market share in Metropolitan Bangkok. As the first operator to launch a fibre optic internet service in Thailand, TrueOnline has managed to differentiate itself from other competitors by offering the best & smartest solutions for people and businesses.

True Group’s strength is its ability to offer the convergence benefits of its networks, products and services. Packages bundling TrueOnline with True Mobile Group or TrueVisions Pay TV services have proven successful in terms of customer acquisitions and retention. Meanwhile our digital content and e-commerce offerings add value across the Group. True Group’s convergence strategy allows us to meet the demands of our subscribers’ lifestyles by building upon the complementary strengths of our communications services and solutions.

To modernise Thailand’s communications capabilities to a level equivalent to other countries, our aim is to turn Thailand into a “Connected Society”, where every citizen can be effectively connected via hi-speed HOME Internet. This reflects True’s “Hi-speed Internet Everywhere” concept that emphasises innovative, convenient and fast Internet for both business and daily use.

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