Al Abraaj Restaurants

In 1987 Bahrain’s dining scene was growing, but lacked variety. In between the fine dining restaurants and fast food chains, Al Abraaj’s founder Mr. Rashed Hilal Isa envisioned a neighborhood restaurant offering a diverse selection of local and international dishes in are fined setting. Al Abraaj was thus born in Sehla, Bahrain.The idea behind the concept was simple but effective; everything was to be freshly prepared, delicious, and affordable in a refined setting.

Al Abraaj is now a household brand that evokes the true essence of Arabian generosity and hospitality. Recognized for its diverse array of freshly prepared, high-quality dishes that appeal to all tastes, well known for offering unbeatable consistency and affordability. Al Abraaj is a representation of the colorful regional culture. The restaurant rapidly grew in popularity, expanding to multiple towns and malls. Today, Al Abraaj is a household name in Bahrain with a reputation for delivering excellence in the casual dining segment. The company has grown to be a group of popular home-grown and franchised concepts with over 40 branches in Bahrain and Saudi.

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