The First Dry Dog Food Made in Japan

In 1960, Kyodo Shiryo Co, Ltd, a major feed company in Japan at that time, foresaw a bright future for the pet food business in Japan and launched “VITA-ONE”, a nutritional food for dogs. “VITA-ONE” is the first dry dog food made in Japan.

In 1964, Kyodo Shiryo established Nippon Pet Food Co., Ltd. to concentrate on and expand its pet food business. Nippon Pet Food continued the work of Kyodo Shiryo, strengthening its sales network and developing a full line of high quality foods for dogs, cats, fish and birds, maintaining a reputation as the pioneer of the pet food industry in Japan.

“Trust in the pet food passed from generation to generation.”
Our company’s corporate brand statement is “Trust in the pet food passed from generation to generation.” We have received letters from many customers to tell us “our pet has fed “VITA-ONE” and it kept healthy and enjoyed a long life.” Nippon Pet Food makes adjustment of nutrient balance and guaranteed ingredients for the products to fit the living environment of pets in Japan. Pets eat well as pet food is good, and they keep healthy and live long. The pet food will continue to be fed and inherited from one generation to the next. The statement “Trust in the pet food passed from generation to generation.” represents such a simple life of cycle of pets and pet foods.

We want to support health and longevity of dogs living in hot and humid climate in Japan. We have poured the passion into “”VITA-ONE”. Since 1960, “VITA-ONE” has delivered taste and health to dogs throughout Japan. Thanks to everyone who supports “VITA-ONE” and the dogs growing freely, “VITA-ONE” has a history of more than half a century and will reach its 60th anniversary in 2020. We believe its history as a long-selling pet food is a proof of trust.

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1960年当時、日本の大手飼料会社の協同飼料株式会社は、日本のペットフード事業の明るい未来を見据え、「愛犬の栄養食VITA-ONE」を発売しました。 「VITA-ONE」は日本初の国産ドライドッグフードです。




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