“The fairytale of VOM started almost twenty years ago. I am a sausage maker and butcher by profession and I was contacted by friend who had a sick dog. The dog could not eat any of the food options available on the market, so I made food for the dog based on fish and raw meat. The dog made a full recovery and became healthy again. Shortly after that, a dog sled organisation contacted me. They were looking for better dog food with higher nutrition, so their sled dog teams could cope better with all the strains they go through during a race.

Robert Sørlie won the world’s longest dog sled race in 2003, the 1,800 km long ‘Iditarod’ in Alaska. The fuel these dogs worked on was VOM. Today, we still supply dog food for many of the world’s greatest sled dogs but also to others who actively take part in dog sports.

Everything started in our kitchen at a farm in Trøgstad. Today we produce our products in new and modern production premises, still on the same farm along with another factory in Sweden. We distribute our dog food to countries in Europe such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and United Kingdom.

The strict requirements that apply to quality inspections, cleanliness and hygiene in the production of food for humans also apply to the production of food for dogs. We set very strict requirements across the entire production process, from raw material sourcing until our products are out in the shops.

Our vision is to make the food your dog is meant to eat – nothing more, nothing less. We believe that all dogs deserve the same food regardless of what breed they are. It does not matter if your dog is a sled dog or family pet; we make dog food for all dogs of all ages.”

– Magne Østby, Founder and CEO of Vom og Hundemat

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