“Cleanliness and peace put everything under the sky in order.” (Lao-c´)

We love animals and share their optimistic, uncomplicated worldview.

Our steps are measured through consideration, devotion, love and care. Strong health, self-confidence, happiness, comfort and security of pets represent our main concern, and cleanliness – the means used to achieve the goal.

We protect the nature and support sustainability ideas. Our loving and careful relationship to animals gets reflected in our work, our life style and products we make. Each team member is also a pet owner or breeder.

We do not mine raw materials, nor we cut trees. We do not use water, and we implement low-energy production technologies only. The low weight of our product allows to save fuel during transport. 

ASAN is made of 100 % recycled material, and is also 100 % biodegradable – including its package. Asan combines in itself ecological thinking, breeders´ care and enthusiasm with an effort to preserve pure nature for future generations. That is why we call ASAN a Universe-friendly litter.

Sharing life with a pet is a matter of heart. It is an enriching experience – a source of unforgettable moments and uplifting feelings. But they mean nothing if they come without responsible care – the care that ASAN litters make easier and more pleasant than any other product ever. We simplify the care, and make it possible to asthmathics, allergics, children and seniors. ASAN is harmless to health, dust-free and hypoallergenic, and it prevents mold and bacteria growth. It is safe for animals and all other household members.

ASAN guarantees maximum comfort of use and disposal. The time you save cleaning after your pet can be rather spent in the company of your pet darling and the rest of your family.

ASAN is a top-performing cellulose litter with exclusive absorption capacity ecologically produced from 100 % of secondary raw material according to own patent. It turns burden materials into biodegradable product, flushable or compostable after use.

ASAN is a non-clumping cellulose litter for rabbits, short-hair cats, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and little rodents, suitable for households, professional breeders, veterinary practices and farms. It has absolutely unique moisture-absorption capacity of up to 450 %. It safely locks unpleasant odors without added perfumes. Thanks to its gentle structure and soft surface it is absolutely safe for tiny paws of pets.

ASAN is a perfect litter for modern life style.

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