Established in 1991, Munchy’s has grown to become Malaysia’s premier biscuit manufacturer, celebrated for its diverse range of delectable biscuits, crackers, and wafers. Holding the esteemed title of Malaysia’s top biscuit brand, Munchy’s dominates pivotal segments including cream sandwich, oat-based, assorted, and more. Catering to a broad spectrum of consumers spanning children, adolescents, professionals, and families, Munchy’s provides universally beloved, enjoyable snacks.

The Munchy’s origins started in 1991 by the Tan brothers who formulated their first successful crunch with a second-hand wafer stick machine in a small peaceful town of southern Malaysia. Raised amidst the enchanting aroma of freshly baked handmade biscuits within their father’s biscuit factory, the founders’ passion for biscuits was ignited.

As the years progressed, Munchy’s rose to prominence, captivating the palates of biscuit enthusiasts both locally and internationally. Evolving from an Original Equipment Manufacturer to an emblematic household name, Munchy’s transformed into an irresistible brand in 1993.

Today, Munchy’s boasts an expansive production plant and warehouse facility spanning over 400,000 sq ft in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. Offering an extensive selection, all products bear the esteemed Munchy’s label.

At the heart of Munchy’s success lies a dedication to insightful innovation, propelling the company’s expansion. Today, Munchy’s footprint extends far beyond Malaysia, reaching over 50 countries worldwide.

Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Munchy’s is resolutely committed to minimising its environmental impact, actively working to diminish greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Munchy’s is devoted to uplifting the communities in which it operates, demonstrated through numerous local outreach initiatives.

Munchy’s is now part of Universal Robina Munchy’s which operates under Universal Robina Corporation (URC), a sustainable global enterprise in eleven high-growth markets across Asia.

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