Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew – Since 2007, Himalayan Pet Supply has been synonymous to healthy, natural and safe products for pets. Today as a leader in the dog chew industry, the company is committed to honour and integrate time tested traditions and creative innovations to best serve their consumers, our four-legged friends.

The story of Himalayan Pet Supply began in 2003 with two brothers, a friend and his dog, Kaos, who discovered a traditional Nepali snack “churpi” and loved it. Since then, the founders spent four years re-engineering the people-grade cheese to make it lactose free and safe for dogs. In 2007, Himalayan Pet Supply launched their first new dog chew at a small pet fair in Bellingham, Washington creating a new category in the industry, thus changing the dog chew class significantly.

The brand has always believed in giving back to the community, especially farmers, who the company believes is the heart of the global community. The company started in Nepal with small family farms, and today partners with farmers around the globe as well as locally, with a Washington State dairy farm, producing 124 million pounds of milk per year. Now, Himalayan Pet Supply is certified for quality by SQF, APHIS, AIB and WFTO.

We believe corporate social responsibility starts here, with us. Himalayan Pet Supply has not only helped in serving their canine friends with ethically sourced and innovative dog chew but has improved the lives of farmers, women, and children around the world. The brand has a desire for human progression and economic growth, therefore donates 100 percent of their profit from the Loom toys line to Women’s Skills Development Center. WSDO works to empower the disadvantaged women of Nepal by teaching them skills to become self-supporting and independent. Himalayan Pet Supply has also partnered with Manaram Foundation in Nepal where they help donate one textbook for every pound of cheese sold which has led to them building 175 libraries across the nation.

Himalayan Pet Supply believes that the foundation of every relationship is respect, therefore, the brand is committed to building relationships the Himalayan way, by providing exceptional customer service, and producing and selling products of the highest quality.

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