Bangkok Bank

One of the largest regional banks in Southeast Asia, Bangkok Bank has been a household name since it was founded in 1944. As well as being Thailand’s market leader in corporate and business banking, it is one of the top-ranked banks for consumer banking. In addition to having the country’s largest account and deposit base, Bangkok Bank also has one of the largest branch networks, which is complemented by electronic and online services including its globally recognized and award-winning mobile banking service, Bualuang mBanking.

For more than 75 years, the bank has been guided by its philosophy of ‘puan koo kit mit koo baan’, meaning it aspires to be a trusted partner and reliable close friend to both customers and society. This emphasizes the concept of partnership, developing long-term, trusted relationships with customers and sustaining relationships across all generations.

The bank’s full range of commercial banking services includes deposits, business and consumer credit extension, trade finance, project finance, loan syndication, debt securities underwriting, custodial services, capital market and advisory services.

Customers benefit from complementary synergies between the bank’s international, corporate, investment, business and personal-banking services, which are provided through both physical premises and digital channels tailored to their needs.

As the Thai bank with the largest international network Bangkok Bank stands ready to support all its customers during this new era of regional economic integration, as Thailand takes its place as a member of the newly formed ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and strengthens its position as an important regional hub under China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative.

Bangkok Bank has 31 branches in 14 markets, including wholly owned subsidiaries in China and Malaysia and branches in New York and London. It is particularly strong in Southeast Asia and greater China with 16 branches in nine ASEAN countries, six branches in mainland China, two branches in Hong Kong and three branches in Taiwan.


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