AIRLAND was born in 1966 in HK. Honouring the pledge – To offer quality, healthy and comfortable beddings to consumers, the brand provides superior sleep experience to consumers who look for quality of life. Renowned as a premier mattress manufacturer and an industry leader in China, the brand also pioneered the industry in terms of technology advancement.

In 1972, AIRLAND was appointed to be the sole supplier of mattress to the British Army Far East Command. The inherited international standard is set to be the standard till today. Persisting in producing high quality products, it is the first mattress brand to be rewarded the Q-Mark quality certificate issued by HK government in 1982 till now, for 40 years consecutively.

Over half of a century, AIRLAND has grown into a conglomerate with major businesses including home furnishing products (mainly mattress and beddings), luxurious experience centre, healthcare centre and hotels. Having more than 5,000 staff members, 150,000 sqm production base and 2,200 retail shops, AIRLAND’s sales network has reached more than 30 provinces and regions in mainland China.

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AIRLAND 雅蘭成立於 1966 年,我們憑著「品質第一,弘揚名牌,科技興業,共 創未來」的經營方針和理念,專注為追求品質生活的人士,帶來高質素、舒適和 健康的床上用品。1972 年,AIRLAND 雅蘭更成為英國遠東軍方唯一指定床褥供應 商,其國際認可的產品質量標準一直保持至今;憑藉卓越的品質,AIRLAND 雅蘭 自 1982 年起更成為首個床褥品牌獲得由香港政府頒發的香港 Q 嘜產品認證,至 今已連續獲得 40 年,從不間斷。

經過半世紀的發展,AIRLAND 雅蘭如今已成為一所俱規模的床褥及寢室用品企業, 其銷售網絡超過 2,200 個專賣店以及擁有 150,000 平方米的生產基地。業務一直 延伸到中國內地及海外,合共 5,000 名員工每年為超過 30 個中國省份提供優質 產品。

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