Creap was launched in 1961 as Japan’s first creaming powder for coffee. Creap is a term coined from “Cream Powder”.

As a matter of fact, the technology for manufacturing powdered cream had been established in 1954. However, since the habit of drinking coffee on a daily basis was not widespread in Japan at that time, release to the market was delayed until a more opportune time.

The year 1961, when Creap was launched, was also the year that the liberalization of instant coffee imports began. Coffee culture spread rapidly in Japan as coffee became easily available anytime, anywhere.

Creap is creaming powder, so it does not dilute or cool the coffee, and the full flavor of the cream remains unchanged. Furthermore, Creap does not need to be refrigerated like fresh cream or milk, making it the choice of many customers for both taste and convenience. 

Patented ion exchange and powdering technologies used to produce Creap also provide advantages in terms of solubility. When cream is simply dried and powdered without such technology then added to coffee, the organic acids, tannins, and other ingredients in the coffee combine with milk proteins, causing “feathering” ,a phenomenon in which milk coagulates into a fine, feather-like shape.

It was discovered that the coagulation is caused by the presence of cations such as calcium and magnesium.  By removing these cations, a creaming powder with excellent solubility was created.

In 1966, Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. received our first Science and Technology Director Award for the “development of technology for the production of easily soluble creaming powder,” and in 1976 a second award was given for our innovation in spray drying with the MD Dryer.

And now, Creap was named Brand of the Year for the first time in the world in the DAIRY PRODUCTS – CREAMER category of the World Branding Awards.

This is a great accomplishment as it means that Creap has been recognized not only in Japan but also in the world.

The desire and effort to make Creap the best partner for coffee have never ceased to this day. Creap continues to be a leading brand for dairy-based coffee creamer and is loved by so many customers even after more than 60 years since its launch.

Creap will continue to be the best partner for coffee as its core value. In addition, as Creap was born out of many challenges, efforts are being made to enhance the brand in response to changes in lifestyles and customer preferences by developing new value-added features and uses for Creap other than just adding it to coffee.








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