Jiwa Toast

As its name suggests, Jiwa Toast is a quick service toast-based brand; the perfect companion brand to the highly successful Janji Jiwa chain of grab & go coffee shops. Like Janji Jiwa, the brand was created to seize an unseen market opportunity, providing an alternative to what was available in the Indonesian market. 

We observed that the existing toast-focused Asian brands are generally centered around the traditional kaya toast (kaya is coconut jam popular in parts of Southeast Asia) or kopitiam model. We disrupted that popular–yet limited–idea of toast and transformed it into a whole new food dimension. The result is highly differentiated as a brand, built on superior quality, affordable prices, and constant innovation. 

Even though Jiwa Toast launched its first outlets as recently as 2019, the brand has grown quickly to more than 500 Jiwa Toast outlets nationwide and continues to expand across the country. 

Jiwa Toast offers a wide variety of freshly prepared toast-based light meals that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Our menu is kept exciting with new creations, as we continuously innovate with attractive new flavor sensations, catering to Indonesian and Asian taste preferences. Always seeking top-of-mind, Jiwa Toast’s popular celebrity chef collaborations and co-branded promotions generate massive social media buzz to encourage trial and word-of-mouth.  

We support our product offer with an efficient management system and an insistence on high-quality fresh ingredients. Because every level of a transaction matters, All Jiwa Toast products are hygienically prepared and packaged to-order, directly in front of our customers. 

As a fast-growing QSR business operating over a large territorial footprint, it’s of paramount importance to ensure consistency of product and experience across all Jiwa Toast outlets. One key to ensuring this consistency is our unique signature toast bread, which we centrally fresh-bake and distribute to outlets within hours across each sales zone.  

The vision of Jiwa Toast is to become a large-scale Quick Service Restaurant Chain, driven by empowered human resources who share our values to provide the best products and services at prices more Indonesians can afford. That complements our mission to become synonymous with ‘quick, affordable, and satisfying’ light meals, conveniently packaged to be easy to carry and consume, on location or on-the-go.  

We aim to become top-of-mind whenever people say ‘toast.’ The proposition of our brand is ‘Jiwa Toast is the best Toast in Town.’ If current achievements are any indication, Jiwa Toast is well on the way towards realizing that ambition. 

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