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Farm Fresh Berhad is Malaysia’s largest homegrown dairy companies with a market share of 49% in the chilled ready-to-drink (“RTD) milk segment and 23% in the overall RTD milk segment as of 30 June 2022. Farm Fresh operates on a “grass-to-glass” model that engages in the business activities of farming, manufacturing and distributing various dairy products and plant-based products.

The history of Farm Fresh’s business can be traced back to 2010, when Loi Tuan Ee started a dairy farming operation together with his brother, Loi Tuan Kin, with just 60 Holstein Jersey cows. It began with a dream to provide Malaysians fresh and pure dairy, just as nature intended as they realized the gap in providing quality milk to Malaysians. After enlisting Azmi Zainal to assist with Farm Fresh’s operations, together they worked their way through an almost impossible feat of growing a successful home-grown dairy business focusing on pure and natural dairy products without any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, nor any artificial colouring and flavouring.

Today, Farm Fresh has grown to become Malaysia’s No.1 Fresh Milk brand loved by Malaysians and has also exported to Brunei and Singapore, with Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia being earmarked as future export markets.

Farm Fresh operates six dairy farms and three processing facilities across Malaysia and Australia totaling 5,416 acres farmland with a total herd size of about 10,309 bulls and dairy cows. Farm Fresh has introduced 147 SKUs across various brands including Farm Fresh, Master Barista, Henry Jones, Yarra Farm, Yarra by Farm Fresh and Nubian Goat’s Milk.

Driven by their strong research and development capabilities, Farm Fresh were the first local player to introduce innovative products including kurma (palm dates) milk, A2 organic milk and lactose-free milk to the Malaysian market, catering to the evolving requirements and preferences of consumers. Farm Fresh has also pioneered fresh milk sold in reusable glass bottles beginning in September 2022 with its Milk on Tap initiative in collaboration with a local supermarket chain. This trailblazing move will provide impetus to the dairy industry to reduce plastics usage significantly with an eco-friendly way of buying milk.

Farm Fresh strives to be socially impactful via its successful home dealer network, which comprises of over 2000 micro-entrepreneurs spanning urban and rural areas in Malaysia. This network has not only expanded the reach of its products but has also provided sustainable income generating opportunities to the micro-entrepreneurs. The company has also played an active role in the Malaysian Government’s supplementary food programmes and nutrition campaigns that gives the Company the opportunity to create interest, engagement and dialogue with children about the importance of health and balanced nutrition.

Farm Fresh’s farms in Malaysia are the first in Asia to receive the Certified Humane® Raised and Handled® certification, which means that the dairy products that come from the farm meets the precise, objective standards for the humane treatment of farm animals. The company believes that happy cows produce the best milk. Additionally, Farm Fresh has been awarded the ASEAN Inclusive Business Award in 2020, ACES Award for Asia’s Best Performing Companies in 2021 and two awards in the Putra Brand Awards 2022 – Putra Most Enterprising Brand of the Year & Platinum in the Dairy Beverage category.

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