Lurpak® has held its position as an iconic premium butter brand for more than 120 years and is sold in over 100 countries around the world. It is without doubt the biggest selling global butter brand.

Lurpak® is a high quality lactic butter with an unique taste. Only made with the highest  quality of ingredients, Lurpak® has an uncompromising approach to making real, quality butter which has a distinctive, creamy,  delicate and fresh taste.

Lurpak® has become an iconic brand and a category leader by challenging the norm, having a point of view, showing food like it has never been shown before and not behaving like everyone else. And whilst Lurpak® is a butter brand, the brand voice is in food and the underlying mantra in absolutely everything they do, is that Good Food comes first.

So to every person who ever clattered a kitchen pan; proudly pick up your peeler and proclaim – Good Food is worth celebrating! After all food lovers, nothing worth eating ever arrived on a moped! And for people who love Good Food, Lurpak® makes it better.

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