MR.DIY is a Malaysian home-grown enterprise and the largest home improvement retailer with more than 1,250 stores across Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, and India. The home improvement retailer has dedicated to make a positive difference in the lives of its valued customers by offering convenience at all its stores nationwide and online at 

All MR.DIY stores are managed directly and the retailer often works in collaboration with owners of shopfront properties or owners of malls. MR.DIY stores offer a wide selection of approximately 16,600 SKUs across 5 major categories, namely hardware; household and furnishing; electrical; stationery and sports equipment products; and others (comprising toys, car accessories, jewellery, cosmetics and food and beverage items). 

The company strives to put customers first by operating an innovative business that is flexible when it comes to providing a wide variety of products, good quality and value-for-money, holding true to the company’s motto of “ALWAYS LOW PRICES”. 

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Subsidiary Companies: MR.TOY | MR.DOLLAR

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