The HALTI Headcollar places people in control of dogs, and is inspired from the world of horses where they are led by bridles, halters and other such headgear. This transfer of ideas from horses to dogs was first made by Dr Roger Mugford in 1984, and has dramatically changed the world of dog walking, so that small and less muscular people can now comfortably control large, boisterous and sometimes aggressive dogs.

Dr Roger Mugford is a world-renowned animal psychologist famed for his exploration of human-animal relationships, but he is also a farmer. It was natural that he experimented with treating dogs in the same way as his horses, cattle and llamas. Over 20 million HALTI have now been sold in 42 countries, and it is a brand and a concept which is recognised throughout the pet industry, and more importantly amongst dog owners.

In recent years, Dr Mugford’s Company of Animals has extended the brand to other necessities for walking dogs, from collars, leads, harnesses and jogging belts. The original HALTI headcollar design has evolved into at least four variants in its 35 year history, and at each stage the inventor has been awarded international patents and other forms of intellectual property protection, including the trademark HALTI.

Walking dogs is an essential part of their welfare, giving pleasure and health benefits to both animal and owners. The HALTI brand continues to flourish and grow, such that a HALTI-branded item is purchased by someone, somewhere every minute of the day.

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