Janji Jiwa

As with many innovative brands, the genesis of Janji Jiwa began with identifying an unmet market need. Surprisingly, this opportunity existed within what appeared to be the already crowded coffee shop market space. Indonesians mostly drink inexpensive roast & ground coffee products. However, the last decade has seen the rapid growth of international coffee chains and local specialty coffee brands, broadening Indonesia’s coffee consumption tastes and habits. Yet, for most, the high prices charged by international chains and copycat local brands still made them an occasional luxury rather than an affordable, everyday indulgence.  

The Janji Jiwa brand was created to address this disparity between affordability, enjoyability and availability by making a quality grab & go coffee shop experience widely available to more Indonesians. And with an increasingly urbanized population exceeding 280 million, the potential is enormous. The first Janji Jiwa outlets opened in Jakarta in May 2018. Within four years, Janji Jiwa has grown to be the country’s largest grab & go coffee chain, with over 900 outlets in more than 100 cities.

The Janji Jiwa grassroots commitment to Indonesia begins with our beans. We work directly with Indonesian coffee farmers to establish supply continuity, product consistency and crop-to-crop price stability. We then centrally fresh roast our coffee to produce two signature coffee blends. From farm to cup, Janji Jiwa assures affordable, high-quality coffee in every cup, in every outlet nationwide.   

Our inclusive approach to business recognizes and embraces the diverse cultures, strong communities, and sociable nature of Indonesians. Janji Jiwa outlets are called ‘Jilid’ (chapters) and are encouraged to express their own unique ambience within the brand identity framework, adding the welcoming atmosphere of true neighborhood coffee shops.  

Our marketing efforts are dedicated to bringing customers nonstop excitement, product innovations and collaborations. Recognizing that even loyal customers crave new sensations, we ceaselessly innovate. Janji Jiwa tempts the market’s increasingly adventurous tastes with a widening selection of exciting espresso-based drinks, non-dairy options such as oat milk and soymilk, as well as unique, creative non-coffee alternatives. Frequent co-branded collaborations with appealing major brands, events, and celebrities keep customers engaged and loyal to Janji Jiwa.

Janji Jiwa has come a long way in a short time, from realizing an unmet market need to managing the nation’s largest grab & go coffee chain. Every day, we overcome the multiple challenges created by our commitment to freshness, quality, and value, to serve over 3.5 million cups of Janji Jiwa coffee each month.   

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