PTT Station

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PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited or OR is a leading multinational conglomerate of petroleum, retail, and related business operations both domestic and international with the unified mission of creating value for all stakeholders involved.

One of the company’s key brands is PTT Station, which has been the number one brand in Thailand for over 28 years. The brand’s primary objective is to answer the needs and demands of not only the commuters but also the communities and the environment at large with a variety of products and services, amenities, and projects.

Ultimately, the brand envisions itself to grow together alongside every community it serves, thereby raising their welfare towards happiness and a higher standard of living with these 3 main components:

1. Providing a full range of products, services, and amenities that meet consumer demands
2. Helping improve living standards and local economies for the surrounding communities
3. Caring for the environment and facilitating access to new alternative energy sources
“ PTT Station… Energize Life Together ”

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