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PTT Station is a fuel station operated by PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited or OR, a Thai leading multinational conglomerate of oil, retail, and related business with the unified mission of creating value for all stakeholders involved.

As for oil business, PTT Stations have remained number one in the market share for more than 30 years, with approximately 2,200 service stations in high-potential locations across Thailand and also expanded into ASEAN markets with approximately 390 branches primarily in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Following the concept of “Retailing beyond Fuel”, PTT Station has become more than fuel stations. PTT Stations fulfill customers’ needs and foster engagement between the service stations, business partners, and local communities. PTT Station is equipped with Café Amazon, Texas Chicken restaurant, Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum restaurant, Jiffy and 7-11 convenience store, FIT Auto vehicle service, local restaurant, souvenir shop, and banking service according to each local community’s demand to become a physical platform for mobility and lifestyle.

In line with OR mission, which values creation of shared values with communities, PTT Stations pursues growth along with people, society, communities, and the environment through our diverse products, conveniences, and numerous activities to meet the needs and look after everyone in every community for a good and contented life under “Living Community – Fill Up Every Happiness” concept by concentrating on three key components:

  1. Creating value for people: Restoring smiles for people, besides satisfying customers’ needs through complete and diverse goods and services, PTT Station cares for consumers’ convenience and safety by adopting Friendly Design and providing First Aid Assistance Service, equipped with first-aid medical supplies and car repair equipment.
  2. Creating value for the community economy: Giving the surrounding community economy reasons to smile, we foster a good quality of life for communities and society through displaying local identities and iconic products to forge pride and opportunities for income generation for people in such localities. At PTT Stations, one finds Pun Suk space where agricultural produce is on sale, together with a Thai Det corner, where outstanding local goods chosen by community enterprises and SMEs to aid community members and highlight such local identities.
  3. Environmental stewardship: Caring for the environment by bringing smile together with green stewardship, PTT Stations’ consumption of clean energy through solar rooftop installation and EV Station Pluz equipment. Other projects cultivate awareness of environmental stewardship, including Yak Lak Yim, from which sales revenue derived from waste and dealers’ contributed funds go into public service.

For non-stop developing, PTT Station determines to continuously improve fuel quality to keep up with the changes in automotive technology and meet the needs of consumers who still use fuel. “Super Power” the power of world class, premium grade fuel offered for both gasohol and diesel, has been launched in 2022 with a special additive called “Super Booster,” an anti-friction substance, the latest innovation with the ability to clean the fuel injectors as new and provide the engine with full power.

In this year 2023, PTT Station has launched the new formula for standard-grade fuel named “ Xtra Save” save for everyone and every car; save on expenses, go further than before with increased mileage, save time achieving maximum acceleration to reach destination faster and save the environment with a clean engine.

In compliance with a rising trend of electric vehicles, PTT Station moves toward future alternative energy with EV station to support the transition from traditional to electric vehicles in the near future and diversifies our business with a variety of non-oil businesses to become a physical Living Community platform for mobility and lifestyle. Now PTT Station services approximately 600 charging posts under the brand “EV Station Pluz” to sustain consumers’ lifestyles and the growing trend for EVs.

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