Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) was founded in 2001 to protect, rescue, rehabilitate and care for wildlife that has been exploited by people or otherwise come into conflict with humans, to care for confiscated wildlife, and to raise awareness of the threats faced by the wildlife of Thailand and South-East Asia in general.

WFFT’s Missions

  • Rescue wild animals from captivity where they are maltreated or neglected, and to provide the ones that cannot return home a place where they can spend the rest of their lives in a sanctuary, providing them with a home as close to their natural environment as possible, with the best possible care. In particular, WFFT aims to provides sanctuary for those animals whom no-one else is prepared to care for e.g. the sick or disabled.
  • Educate people, particularly children to stop the exploitation and cruelty to animals, and to understand the intrinsic value of nature. In particular, WFFT campaigns against the illegal trade in wild animals for the pet industry and to discourage the use of animals in entertainment, for example, as photo-props or in performing animals shows.
  • Prevent hunting of wildlife, and promote conservation of all natural resources, fauna and flora alike. Educate local people, tourists and the international community to appreciate, understand and protect wild animals and their rainforest habitat. Cooperate with and assist the Department of National Parks and other organisations concerned with the rescue and conservation of wild animals.
  • Gather knowledge and take part of rehabilitation and release programs for those animals that qualify for re-introduction into the wild.
  • Set up and join activities with other charitable organisations and authorities for the public benefit.

Located in Phetchaburi Province, as of May 2017 WFFT now cares for over 500 wild animals. They include over 250 primates, Asian elephants, bears, felines, reptiles and nocturnal mammals, many of which are threatened and endangered species.

WFFT successfully runs the following projects: Wildlife Rescue Centre (Thailand), Wildlife Rescue Centre (Laos), Elephant Refuge (Thailand), Loris Rescue and Release Project, Wildlife Hospital and Mobile Wildlife Rescue Team, and Tree Nursery and Forest Restoration Project.

It also run a Volunteer Scheme where people from all over the world can donate their time to come and help at WFFT.

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